Engineering Studies

Our team of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical engineers have many years of experience in the coil processing industry and can provide a complete engineered package for any new equipment or modernization project. 3D CAD design software allows our engineers to accurately create 3D models of our designs and simulate their motion. Finite Element Analysis software is also utilized to solve complex stress and thermal analysis problems to ensure the structural integrity and performance of our equipment. We provide engineering studies to determine the feasibly and best course of action to solve our customer’s unique problems.   

Project Management

We supply more than just engineering; our staff can provide complete project management, servicing, manufacturing, and maintenance throughout the entire process. Our track record of success is evident with the partners we have worked with. We can successfully integrate and install multi-use engineering solutions meeting the needs of your industry. Whether standard or custom fabrication is needed, GMB can develop an innovative and cost effective solution.


GMB has a skilled and qualified workforce and its manufacturing facility is capable of producing finished machine components and fabrications for its designs. Its quality control department carefully inspects the product at every stage of the manufacturing process. 

Start-up, Commissioning and Operator training services

We can start-up, commission and train your operators for any of the coil processing equipment we produce. We do project supervision and 90 percent of our workforce has been with us for over 12 years. Although we have all skilled trades people in surveying, industrial mechanics, pipe fitters, iron workers and welders, they have all been trained to perform the tasks at hand the GMB WAY… with confidence and pride in their workmanship.


At GMB Coil Processing safety of everyone involved in our projects is paramount. We instruct, train and supervise staff in order to avoid unsafe situations and understand the correct procedures to ensure a productive and safe work environment. Our facilities follow all safety regulations and guidelines as well as providing the financial and physical resources to ensure that all employees commit to all safety obligations.

Our policies are reviewed before every project as well as every 12 months to allow for any updates that we feel necessary. Our employees dutifully adhere to our safety guidelines as well as the regulations of any of our partners. When working with you on a project we conduct safety meetings with all parties involved to ensure we engage in all communication, consultation, and training procedures to ensure the safest working environment possible. 

GMB takes the safety of all people involved in our projects as the utmost priority. GMB strives to:

  • Promote the safety, health and welfare of all its staff, visitors, contractors and members of the public on the premises and to protect them elsewhere from any adverse effect on their health or safety arising from our activities
  • Risk assessments are carried out as required and no work is permitted to start unless it is covered by a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks involved in the work
  • All work activities to be performed by persons competent to perform those activities
  • Staff activities and work activities to be supervised by competent people
  • All policies, training, communication and revisions as described have been approved and authorized by the Head of Department